bylogix focuses on Automotive Railway Industrial Naval solutions.

bylogix focuses on Automotive Railway Industrial Naval solutions.


Our extensive experience in all aspects of electronics in the vehicle allows Bylogix to assess at best the functional safety (ISO 26262) and cybersecurity of complex and innovative solutions (ISO/SAE 21434).

  • Analysis, feasibility study, functional safety assessment
  • Real-time System Architecture design
  • Software development (code-based and model-based)
  • Hardware design and prototypes engineering
  • Software integration on target hardware and testing
  • Vehicle Control Units (VCU, ECU, BMS…)
  • Control systems for actuators (active suspensions, active aerodynamics…)
  • Lighting controls
  • Drive by wire systems
  • Brushless Motor and Inverters controls
  • UDS diagnostic services
  • Sensors architectures
Embedded System
  • E/E architecture for ICE, HEV and EV vehicles
  • Communication matrix definition
  • Wiring harness design
  • Graphical Instruments Panel cluster realization (IPC)
  • Realization of prototype and demo vehicle
EE vehicle design
  • Sensors and actuators integration in existing plant
  • Requirement and specifications analysis/definition
  • Engineering support on new plant design, components sizing and selection
  • Existing systems optimization
  • Control algorithms design
  • Model based design
Control systems

Customer support for Functional Safety Concept definition

  • Study and application of standards IEC61508, ISO26262, ISO25119, ISO13849, IEC60601, EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129
  • HARA (Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment)
  • Safety Goals definition
  • High level Safety Requirements specification
  • Safety management activities
  • Safety case report, confirmation reviews, safety assessments
  • Critical system events identification (PHA)

Implementation of safety lifecycle activities at System/HW/SW levels

  • Definition of Technical Safety Concepts
  • Safety Analyses (FMEA, FTA, DFA, HAZOP)
  • SW/HW Safety Requirements definition
  • Real-time models development
  • Safety mechanisms development
  • Recovery algorithms development
  • Development of safety-relevant SW code

Validation and testing

  • V-cycle implementation activites, from code static analysis to vehicle-level integration tests
  • Hardware in the Loop test bench development and implementation
  • System validation through test patterns specification
  • Design of bench for automatic test and measure
  • Functional tests and and final checks of the solution
  • National Instruments HW Integration
  • Fault Injection strategies implementation

L4 autonomous driving vehicle based on Nvidia Drive platform.

Bylogix created a flexible system architecture that can host autonomous driving functionalities and ADAS features for testing, prototype and production vehicles.


Surrounding perception, egomotion and geo-positioning sensors


Wired and wireless development network


Bylogix graphics IPC system


Donor car CAN-BUS network bridge


Dedicated CAN-BUS network


Bylogix By-Wire-Acceleration system


Bylogix Steer-By-Wire system

Providing cutting-edge HMI Platform, including custom voice output, Bylogix has the right platform to develop out of the ordinary interfaces.

Bylogix develops advanced human-machine interfaces, such as digital dashboards and infotainment touch panels, based on own-made HW and featuring interactive, customizable 3D graphics and speech functionalities.

Bylogix’s framework allows dashboards’ rapid implementation starting from their design, meaning a simple pdf graphics created by the designers.

HMI & Speech

Cybersecurity in connected vehicles is a major challenge for the automotive industry.

Bylogix projects are following ISO/SAE 21434 lifecycle to guarantee the best protection to cyber intrusions:

  • Definition of assurance levels
  • Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA)
  • Cybersecurity Requirements definition
  • HW and SW implementation of Cybersecurity countermeasures
  • Testing and Validation
ISO/SAE 21434